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About Us

Today, decision makers are faced with problems that typically have a spatial context. This requires them to leverage spatial information in their decision making systems. GeoVariant is a young consulting group geared at providing decision makers with practical and innovative solutions for problems that have a spatial context. The group is able to offer end-to-end solutions for a variety of spatial related problems.

From concept to execution, the GeoVariant appraoch is to treat spatial problems as composed of four components, namely, Data Acquisition, Data Modeling, Data Analysis and Data Visualisation. 

George Sithole

Dr George Sithole has 30 years experience in the geomatics industry. His expertise cover a broad range of topics in geomatics and geominformation.  

Originally a land surveryor he took up teaching at the university of Zimbabwe and later at the university of Cape Town. He has taught courses in surveying, engineering surveying, numerical methods, programming, photogrammetry, remote sensing, and geographic information systems. He has conducted research in point cloud processing, 3D reconstruction, indoor modelling, photogrammetry, machine learning and optimization.



332 Upper Eastside, Brickfield Road
Cape Town
South Africa


Email: info@geovariant.com
Phone: +27 (0)65 674 7509 



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